Inspired by the Alternative Rock scene of New Jersey and caught between the Hip Hop movement between New York City and Philadelphia. SheepishWolf is a 20 something-year-old with an eternal soul and a gift for sharing his unique perspective through music.

With influences from King Krule, Frank Ocean, and John Mayer; SheepishWolf delivers raw songs with an R&B flow. After being in projects that have shared the stage with the likes of The Sleeping and A Day To Remember, getting into and thrown out of a fraternity, and gigging around London, SheepishWolf claims to have finally found himself as an artist.

"I moved to London to shake things up and get to know myself. I started gigging around and eventually transformed into SheepishWolf. When I got back to the states I started a business in my hometown. I had a studio and an office space with some of my best friends. Eventually, we closed up shop due to some differences. Music was always there for me and I've been through a lot. I want to write music that helps others who need it."

You can find SheepishWolf's newest EP on all major streaming services.


Contact the team by sending a message to hello@sheepishwolf.com