The Dangerous Summer hit Asbury Park


The Dangerous Summer hit Asbury Park, New Jersey for one of their last stops on their current tour. The generous host of the evening was the Asbury Park Brewery who had recently begun throwing shows while supporting the scene that The Dangerous Summer helped create.

The front-man and bassist, AJ, offered a heartfelt greeting to the state of New Jersey and kicked into their set. The stageless venue welcomed an intimate experience between bands and fans. I was lucky enough to grab a spot up front to witness those front-and-center screaming along into the microphone. AJ ended the song with an approving “That’s what I’m talking about!”.

The Dangerous Summer

As the pace of each song built up the energy in the room, the crowd began to bounce about. Short fights would break out and end with laughs and pats on the back. This community energy was the spirit of rock and roll. The crowd was losing control, and the band demanded it. They made it clear to love each other and even jokingly offered the crowd a smoke to calm down anyone who needed it. AJ expressed his love for the city of Asbury Park, New Jersey and told the crowd that he wished more shows could be floor shows. He shared that it reminded him of the basement shows from the beginning of their career and made an ode to punk rock. "This is a basement show in a brewery", he celebrated.

“I want to see movement, I want to hear lyrics, I want to feel that energy!”, the front-man commanded as they continued to orchestrate the crowd in screaming sing-alongs. There was dancing, head banging, and crowd surfing with the venue singing the words to every song as the band performed them in a more authentic fashion than the album.